Would You Like a Window Seat, Aisle Seat, or Just Wait For the UFO?

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Nevada is home to one of America’s most secretive military facilities, the classified base known as Area 51. Located in a dry lake bed in central Nevada, the government refused to even acknowledge Area 51’s existence until recently, and the base has been rumored to house everything from a top secret test site to recovered alien spaceships. While we don’t know the base’s exact purpose, we do know that Area 51 employs hundreds of civilian contractors, many of whom reside in Las Vegas.

The federal government quickly recognized that it couldn’t expect the base’s employees to make an eight hour drive to work every day. That’s where a special restricted access terminal at McCarran International Airport and a fleet of white unmarked 737s come into play. The nondescript planes routinely ferry Area 51’s civilian employees between the base and Las Vegas. The fleet is unofficially known as “Janet Airlines” due to the call sign the planes use to identify themselves.


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  1. Has anyone figured out what Janet stands for? It’s amusing too that everyone (civilians and military personnel) dress so casually as to fall under the radar. Apparently the government thinks we’re all idiots.


  2. Apparently “Janet” was simply the next available word in the code book in use at the time, and the name stuck. It’s much like the code names assigned by the Secret Service to Presidents: “Rawhide” for President Reagan, “Lancer” for President Kennedy, etc.


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