The Bird Man of the Confederacy

Confederate General Richard Ewell believed he was a bird

Confederate General Richard Ewell believed himself to be a bird, eating grains of wheat and sunflower seeds for meals.

There were persistent stories from soldiers on guard duty claiming that the General would spend many hours in his tent quietly chirping to himself.

Also known as “Old Baldy,” one can’t help but wonder if he fancied himself to be a bald eagle.

When Yes or No Aren’t Enough

The legendary showman Florenz Ziegfeld was well known for his constant and frantic use of the telephone and telegram. He would often send his performers telegrams after watching their work from the back of the theater, offering criticisms or suggestions.

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The Dangers of Celebrities Ignoring Their Fans

One of the problems with being a celebrity is having to deal with all the people who want to talk to you. Something as ordinary as dining out with a friend becomes a challenge when adoring fans keep interrupting the meal for a chance to speak to a famous person.

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How a Fart Started a Revolution

Possibly you have found yourself hastily vacating a room because of someone’s gaseous emissions. Maybe your plans to shop in a certain aisle of a store changed after catching a whiff of the unpleasant aroma another shopper left behind. Some have told dramatic stories of forsaking hopes of romance at the sound of a rude…

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