Once Is an Accident. Twice is a Coincidence. Three Times is a Habit

Robert Todd Lincoln (1843-1926), the eldest child of President Abraham Lincoln, was a witness to the murders of three presidents.

Robert Todd Lincoln
Robert Todd Lincoln

He was at the White House on April 14, 1865, when his father was shot at Ford’s Theater. He rushed to the Petersen House where the President was taken to be treated and was there the next morning when his father died.

Sixteen years later he was serving as Secretary of War to President James Garfield. On July 2, 1881, Lincoln was with President Garfield at the Sixth Street Train Station in Washington, DC when the President was shot by Charles Guiteau. Garfield died two months later.

Twenty years after that, Lincoln was a guest of President William McKinley at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, when the President was shot by Leon Czolgosz on September 6, 1901. McKinley died 8 days later.

These events caused Lincoln to believe he was bad luck, and he thereafter refused to attend state events or accept Presidential invitations.


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  1. Ms Elizabeth Beckley Said:Mary Todd Lincoln wore the finest prettiest clothes & liked her hair fixed she even liked have her picture taken. but Mary did not like Grant she called him butcher & Mary knew he was drinker like Wm Herndon of Springfield .Jan 1862 Herndon came D.C to ask Lincoln for a favor so that he could court young lady 17yrs his junior ,to give her relative govt job also Herndon ask Lincoln for money claim he broke he had no funds to return to Springfield.
    Ms Elizabeth Beckley Said: That robert Todd Lincoln had a lofty soul. which means He had Feelings of Superiority,He thought he was too good to do what his parents ask of him ,to attend functions,etc.
    In example: Robert T Lincoln said “he would not attend function of Tom Thumb dwarf.” So we can see
    Robert Todd Lincoln tell his parents “He would not attend the Ford Theatre ,He rather stay home , sleep ,whereas ,others say he visit Lucy,some say he went out on the town with a friend or two. If RTL was at Ford theatre would he of stopped JWB or would JWB would of turn on him as he did other man with the Lincolns?
    Ms Elizabeth Beckley said when they were at city point Mr .Mrs Grant came aboard steamer several times. (richmond fall).Mrs Grant crosseyed she did not like her picture taken.Mrs Grant let her feelings cloud her opinions of others feelings inferiority. It was Mrs Grant that ask her Husband Ulysses to leave the city very day Abe ask Grant to attend the Ford theatre which Grant turn down invitation.


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