I Tawt I Taw a RNAV (GPS) Approach to Runway 16

Sylvester Tweety Bird Approach Plate Portsmouth

Pilots use agreed-upon geographic locations as reference points for navigation. Many times, these points have no distinct visible features, but they have been designated as points on a map so pilots can line up for landing or perform another maneuver. These locations, known as intersections, are identified with 5-letter names and are published on pilot charts and other navigational aides.

Pilots flying into Portsmouth International at Pease in Portsmouth, New Hampshire should be excused if they chuckle while communicating with air traffic controllers. As a pilot flies the RNAV (GPS) approach to runway 16, the plane flies over the following intersections:





If the plane misses the approach, the next intersection is


Who knew that watching Looney Tunes’ Sylvester and Tweety Bird as a child could count as educational training for future pilots?

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