Time Lords and Talking Cabbage

Doctor Who Tom Baker Talking Cabbage

Fans of BBC’s Doctor Who know that the Doctor has had quite the variety of companions since the show’s debut in 1963. He has had humans, Time Lords, aliens, a robot dog, and even a Cyberman head.

He almost had a sentient vegetable, as well.

When actress Louise Jameson, who played Leela, left the program in 1978, Tom Baker (the fourth Doctor) wanted to replace her with a talking cabbage. He envisioned his new companion riding around on his shoulder. BBC executives were not warm to the idea, however, and nothing came of it.

While he did not get anything nearly as exciting as a talking cabbage, Baker’s successor as the Doctor, Peter Davison, did wear a stalk of celery on his lapel.


Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor, wore celery as part of his trademark uniform.


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