A Timeless Tree Meets Unmatched Stupidity

The Tree of Ténéré stood as the only tree within 250 miles for 300 years, until ....

The Ténéré Tree was was once considered the most isolated tree on Earth. Located in the Sahara Desert in central Niger, it stood as the only tree within over 250 miles (400 km). As such, it was a rare landmark on caravan routes and was one of the few stable, visible markers that could be identified on a map.

The acacia tree stood for over 300 years as an enduring symbol of survival in an otherwise barren land.

In 1973 it was destroyed when it was struck by a drunk teenage driver.

Tenere Tree Of Niger, Lonely Tree Of Tenere, Lost Tree Of Tenere, Ténéré

A metal sculpture was erected in 1985, marking the former location of the Ténéré Tree.

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