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Which Batman is Worth His Weight in Batman?

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In Babylon, a batman was a unit of weight. It was equal to 7 pounds, five ounces.

Following is the weight of the actors who have played Batman, as measured by the batman:

  • Adam West — 196 lbs. — 26.8034188034188 batman.
  • Michael Keaton — 183 lbs. — 25.02564102564103 batman.
  • Val Kilmer — 180 lbs. — 24.61538461538462 batman.
  • George Clooney — 172 lbs. — 23.52136752136752 batman.
  • Christian Bale — 181 lbs. — 24.75213675213675 batman.
  • Ben Affleck 208 lbs. — 28.44444444444444 batman.

A dispute about the name Batman once nearly sparked a lawsuit by a community in Turkey. Read about it here.

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