A Patent Need for Proofreading

Proofreading your work is important at every stage of life, but never more than when you submit something that will be subject to public scrutiny. This lesson was learned the hard way by the attorney who filed for and received Patent 9,346,394 for a “method and apparatus for installing and operating an auxiliary lighting system using a vehicle light plug.”

Anyone examining the 23-page technical description of the invention will be amused to find these words appearing out of the blue:  “I’m sorry babe, but I may actually have to be here late. I’ve got to get this patent application filed today. Thankfully, Traci is willing to stay late to help me get it done.”

Presumably, the attorney was using multiple computer screens and neglected to move the cursor while sending a text message to his or her “babe.”

#Patent #typos #proofread

Excerpt from the detailed description of Patent 9,346,394

This, alas, was not the only example of a patent application that was submitted and approved without appropriate proofreading. Patent 7,305,199  is for a “display control apparatus for image forming apparatus.” In the midst of the technical jargon relating to the device, we find this curious paragraph:

“The method of providing user interface displays in an image forming apparatus which is really a bogus claim included amongst real claims, and which should be removed before filing; wherein the claim is included to determine if the inventor actually read the claims and the inventor should instruct the attorneys to remove the claim.”

#patent #typos #proofread

Excerpt from the claims section of Patent #7,305,199

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