Churchill and the Foiled Plot of the Exploding Chocolate

#Chocolate #Churchill

Given Winston Churchill’s well-known fondness for food, it stands to reason that doctors warned him about the health risks of eating too many sweets. Little did they know just how dangerous certain chocolate might prove to be for the prime minister.

Documents discovered in 2009 revealed that Adolf Hitler planned to kill Churchill with explosive chocolate. German bombmakers concocted thin explosive devices coated with chocolate. The lethal confectionary counterfeits were powerful enough to kill anyone within several meters of the blast. The explosive was designed to be triggered when the chocolate bar was broken, setting off a 7-second timer before detonation.

British intelligence officers discovered the plot in time to prevent it from being carried out. Senior government officials were so concerned about the possibility of the chocolate explosives being used as a terror device that they considered putting up large posters, warning the British to carefully examine all chocolate before putting any in their mouths.

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