Mixing Alcohol, Pilots, and Shotguns… What Could Go Wrong?

Yesterday’s article, “What Could Go Wrong When a Pilot Bets He Can Land While Blindfolded?” reminded us of the drunk bird hunters who shot down their own plane. A little research found this article from “Blue Side Up,” that tells all the head-scratching details. Enjoy!

Blue Side Up

Yesterday’s post reminded me that there is no end of stupid. For many reasons. I am one of those who read various NTSB reports: Accident summaries of the FAA. … not in the sense of Schedenfraude, but to learn and avoid repeating them. As I’ve said, an aviator really should learn from others mistakes because he/ she will never live long enough to make them all, learning the hard way.

Not that I would personally know anything about that of course

Which brings me to the subject of Stupid Pilot Tricks.  I do believe I have the granddaddy of them all. Readers- please feel free to comment if you can top this. The pilot and his passengers unfortunately all died in the crash of a Cessna Skywagon in the Palo Duro Canyon Park southeast of Amarillo. Witnesses observed the aircraft maneuvering at 50 feet above the ground. Four shot guns…

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