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No Bones About It — Evel Knievel Holds the Record For Most Breaks

Evel Knievel Holds the World Record for the Most Broken Bones

Do you think life has handed you some tough breaks? Odds are that as bad as things get for you, you haven’t had as many tough breaks as Evel Knievel.

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Robert Craig Knievel (October 17, 1938 – November 30, 2007), was one of the most famous stuntmen in history. As a boy, he had many run-ins with the law, including an incident at age 13 when he stole a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This led to him getting the nickname “Evil” Knievel. He later modified the name to “Evel” and adopted it as his legal name.

Throughout his 12-year career of active stunts, Knievel attempted more than 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps. Known by his professional name as Evel Knievel, was an American stunt performer and entertainer. Over the course of his career, he attempted more than 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps, with his longest being 141 feet (43 meters) over the fountain at Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace.

Another accomplishment during his career is one he probably didn’t aspire to. He holds the Guinness World Record for the most broken bones in a lifetime. His 84 completed jumps earned him 433 broken bones. that averages out to a little more than 5 broken bones per jump.

A visit to the Evel Knievel Museum in Topeka, Kansas will give you a chance to examine the breaks — and the stunts — in greater detail. An X-ray display shows all 433 broken bones, allowing visitors to touch the break and see an explanation of what Knievel was doing when it occurred.

While many of Knievel’s injuries occurred during practices, the following list shows the injuries that occurred during professional stunts.

11965Moses Lake, WashingtonRattlesnakes and two Mountain LionsSuccessfulSprained ankle
2January 23, 1966Indio, CaliforniaTwo pick-up trucksSuccessfulNone
3February 10, 1966Barstow, CaliforniaA speeding motorcycleMissed jumpGroin injured
4June 1, 1966Post Falls, Idaho12 CarsSuccessful (First jump over cars)
5June 19, 1966Missoula, Montana13 carsLanded shortKnocked unconscious/broken arm/broken ribs
6October 30, 1966Butte, Montana14 carsSuccessfulNone
7November 19, 1966Tucson, Arizona10 Dodge CarsSuccessfulNone
8March 25, 1967Ascot Park  Gardena, California15 carsSuccessfulNone (video of first televised jump)
9June 1967Ascot Park  Gardena, California16 carsSuccessfulNone
10July 28, 1967Tacoma, Washington16 carsFell off landingLight concussion
11August 18, 1967Tacoma, Washington16 carsSuccessfulNone
12September 24, 1967Monroe, Washington16 ChevroletsSuccessfulNone
13November 24, 1967San Francisco, CaliforniaThree MotorcyclesSuccessfulNone
14November 25, 1967San Francisco, CaliforniaTriumph BannerSuccessfulNone
15November 26, 1967San Francisco, CaliforniaVolkswagen bus and a vanSuccessfulNone
16December 2, 1967Long Beach Arena  Long Beach, California10 carsSuccessfulNone
17December 31, 1967Caesar’s Palace  Las Vegas, NevadaCaesars Palace FountainsCrashed on landing29-day hospital stay[2]/broken ribs/broken hip/crushed pelvis (footage of crash)
18May 25, 1968Scottsdale, Arizona13 carsCrashed on landingBroken leg/fractured foot
19August 3, 1968Meridian, Idaho13 carsSuccessfulNone
20August 26, 1968Spokane, Washington13 carsSuccessfulNone
21September 7, 1968Missoula, Montana13 carsSuccessfulNone
22September 1968Salt Lake City, UtahUnknownUnknownUnknown
23October 13, 1968Tahoe-Carson Speedway  Carson City, Nevada10 carsStruck top of box truck short of landing rampBroken shoulder/broken hip
24April 1969Los Angeles, California8 carsSuccessfulNone
25July 6, 1969Gardena, California17 CarsSuccessfulNone
26January 23, 1970San Francisco, California11 carsSuccessfulNone
27April 5, 1970Seattle International Raceway  Kent Washington13 carsSuccessfulNone
28April 5, 1970Seattle International Raceway  Kent Washington18 carsSuccessfulNone
29May 10, 1970Yakima Speedway  Yakima, Washington13 Pepsi trucksLanded on ramp and fellBroken collarbone
30June 19, 1970Vancouver, Canada12 carsSuccessfulNone
31July 4, 1970Kent, Washington19 carsLost traction in wet grass on approach and landed short on edge of safety ramp. Crashed on down-ramp.Cracked ribs/fractured vertebrae
32August 16, 1970Pocono Raceway  Long Pond, PennsylvaniaNo obstacles between rampsCrashed on landingCracked vertebrae/broken shoulder/broken hand
33December 12, 1970Lions Drag Strip  Los Angeles, California;13 carsSuccessfulNone
34January 2, 1971Astrodome  Houston, Texas13 carsSuccessfulNone
35February 1971Ontario Motor Speedway  Ontario, California19 carsSuccessfulNone
36March 1971Chicago, IllinoisUnknownSuccessfulNone
37July 1971Madison Square Garden  New York City, New York9 cars and 1 vanSuccessfulNone
38July 1971Buffalo, New York13 vehiclesSuccessfulNone
39July 1971Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania12 Stegmaier Beer trucksSuccessfulNone
40August 27, 1971The Spectrum  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania8 cars and 1 vanSuccessfulNone
41September 16, 1971Great Barrington, Massachusetts16 carsLost control after landingNone
42September 18, 1971Great Barrington, Massachusetts10 carsSuccessfulNone
43September 25, 1971Hutchinson, Kansas10 Kenworth trucksSuccessfulNone
44October 10, 1971Lakeside Speedway, Kansas City, Kansas14 Dodge ColtsSuccessfulNone
45October 21, 1971Portland, Oregon12 cars and 2 vansSuccessfulBroken hand on landing
46January 23, 1972Tucson, Arizona12 cars and 3 vansSuccessfulNone
47February 1972Chicago, IllinoisUnknownSuccessfulNone
48March 2, 1972Cow Palace  San Francisco, California12 carsSuccessfulNone
49March 3, 1972Cow Palace  San Francisco, California15 carsCrashed on landingBroken ankle/bruised ribs/bruised hand
50March 1972Detroit, Michigan13 carsCrashed into wall after landingBroken collarbone
51April 1972Plymouth, California100 rattlesnakes and 2 vansSuccessfulNone
52June 11, 1972Atlanta, Georgia13 CadillacsOvershot practice jumpHurt both hands/compression fracture in back
53June 17, 1972Oklahoma City, Oklahoma3 carsSuccessfulNone
54June 18, 1972Oklahoma City, Oklahoma5 cars and 2 vansSuccessfulNone
55June 25–26, 1972East St. Louis10 carsSuccessfulNone
56July 30, 1972Castle Rock, Colorado7 trucks and 4 carsSuccessfulNone
57September 1–2, 1972Monroe, Washington22 carsCleared 21 cars and hit safety deckNone
58January 5–7, 1973Las Vegas, NevadaSeveral jumps leading up to 13 vansSuccessfulNone
59February 18, 1973Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum  Los Angeles, California50 piled carsSuccessfulNone
60February 23–25, 1973Cleveland, OhioUnknownSuccessfulNone
61March 2–4, 1973Uniondale, New YorkUnknownSuccessfulNone
62March 16–18, 1973Atlanta, GeorgiaUnknownSuccessfulNone
63March 23–25, 1973Chicago, IllinoisUnknownSuccessfulNone
64March 30, 1973Detroit, MichiganUnknownSuccessfulNone
65April 13–15, 1973St. Paul, MinnesotaUnknownSuccessfulNone
66April 27–29, 1973Cincinnati, OhioUnknownSuccessfulNone
67June 22–24, 1973Union Grove, Wisconsin13 carsSuccessfulNone
68July 29, 1973Providence, Rhode IslandUnknownSuccessfulNone
69October 6–7, 1973Kaukauna, Wisconsin10 cars and 3 trucksCrashed during repeat showFractured hand/bruised back/bruised kidneys
70October 20, 1973Philadelphia, Pennsylvania13 vehiclesSuccessfulNone
71February 17, 1974Green Valley Raceway  North Richland Hills, Texas11 Mac trucksSuccessful, landed at bottom of rampcompression fracture in back
72March 29, 1974Portland Memorial Coliseum  Portland, Oregon10 cars and 7 vansSuccessfulNone
73April 13, 1974Fremont, California10 Mac trucksSuccessfulNone
74April 20, 1974Irvine, California10 Mac trucksSuccessfulNone
75April 28, 1974Kansas City, Missouri10 Mac trucksSuccessfulNone
76May 5, 1974Tulsa, Oklahoma10 Mac trucksSuccessfulNone
77May 25–27, 1974West Salem, Ohio10 Mac trucksSuccessfulNone
78August 20, 1974Toronto, Ontario13 Mac trucksSuccessfulNone
79September 8, 1974Twin Falls, IdahoSnake River CanyonParachute deployed at launch, slammed into rocks on the river’s edgeBroken nose, minor scrapes and cuts
80May 26, 1975Wembley Stadium  London, England13 single-decker busesLanded on 13th busFractured pelvis/broken hand/concussion[3]
81October 15, 1975Kings Island14 Greyhound busesLanded on 14th busNone (footage of jump)
82October 11, 1976Worcester, Massachusetts3 jumps (4 vans then 7 vans, then 10 vans)SuccessfulNone
83October 29–30, 1976Kingdome  Seattle, Washington7 Greyhound busesSuccessfulNone
84January 31, 1977International Amphitheatre  Chicago, Illinois13 sharksCrashed during practice jumpFractured collarbone/fractured right arm/heavy bruising

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