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And You Thought YOUR Roommates Were a Pain?

Kanchana Ketkaew world record for time with scorpions

Most people with roommates have complaints at one time or another about having to live with someone who is a pain. After hearing about Kanchana Ketkaew’s experience, those complaints may seem comparatively tame.

Kanchana Ketkaew, a citizen of Thailand, lived for 33 days in a glass room with 5,320 scorpions. The room, measuring 12 m² (130 ft²), was located at the Royal Garden Plaza, Pattaya, Thailand.

Her experience with these testy roommates, from December 22, 2008 to January 24, 2009, earned her the Guinness World Record for Longest Duration of Living With Scorpions. It also earned her thirteen scorpion stings.

Inside the tiny room, Ketkawew had a television, refrigerator, books and bed. She was allowed to leave the room for a 15-minute toilet break every eight hours. She said she would be willing to do it all over again, if asked.


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  1. Reminds me of that scene in the movie Alexander (dir. Oliver Stone) where Queen Olympias (Angelina J.) was in her room with a bunch of snakes and her husband came in and acted uppity. I’d say anyone acting uppity when their significant other is best friends with snakes is asking for trouble.

    Though it’s many years since I saw the movie, so I might have remembered it all wrong…

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