New Yorkers Are More Dangerous Biters Than Sharks

No one wants to run into a shark while swimming. A shark’s bite can definitely ruin your day.

There is, however, another species that seems far more likely to take a chomp at you. It is a peculiar breed of creature found in the dangerous concrete jungle of New York City. It is called a New Yorker.

The year 2020 saw a worldwide total of 129 shark attacks against humans. Each year, New York City reports approximately 1,600 incidents of humans biting other humans. In other words, more than ten times as many New Yorkers end up with a fellow New Yorker’s teeth piercing their flesh each year than the global number of shark attack victims.

If we confine our analysis to the geographic limits of New York City, the only creature that bites more humans is dogs. The statistics show that cats, rats, raccoons, snakes, ocelots, and even lions feed on humans far less than our own species.

They call New York the City that Never Sleeps. Now we know what is keeping them awake.

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