Merry Christmas!

Skye, the official Commonplace Fun Facts Canine Consultant, Contributor, and Commander-in-Chief has remained vigilant throughout the night to safeguard Santa’s passage down the chimney.

She is pleased to receive confirmation from the jolly ol’ elf that she has, indeed, been a very good girl this year. She didn’t just make Santa’s “Nice” list; she is at the top of his very short list of “Practically Perfect In Every Way.”

Although Santa is the keeper of his list, Skye wishes to inform all of the readers of Commonplace Fun Facts that she has been maintaining her own list this year. Good news: you have earned a big “NICE” next to your name. She also wants to share a very special fun fact with you: she considers you to be her favorite reader of them all. Don’t tell anyone else, though… She would hate to hurt their feelings on this special day.

To everyone who made Commonplace Fun Facts a reality in 2021 — all of you who submitted ideas and comments, shared an article, spread the word, offered encouragement, and, most importantly, keep coming back to read more trivia, fun facts, humor, and interesting notions, we wish you the very best of Christmas blessings!

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  1. Please tell Skye she’s a lovely, dedicated girl with a beautiful soul! I couldn’t stop by on Christmas Day, but I hope she’ll understand.

    Thank you for a beautiful message and a reminder to always look for the light, and to never dwell in darkness.

    Thank you, too, for such an informative and entertaining blog. I hope your Christmas was blessed with peace and joy, and that the 2022 brings you more of both.

    Happy New Year! 🎇🧨✨🎉

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    • Skye has directed us to reply on her behalf to say that she understands. Her penchant for modesty lost to her compulsion for honesty, so she feels compelled to agree with you that she is lovely and beautiful. She send a heart-felt tail wag in your direction.


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