World’s Happiest Animal, the Quokka Gives and Inspires Smiles

Hopefully, you know someone who makes you feel good, even on your worst days. Certain people are a perpetual fountain of optimism and cheer. Just looking at such a person lifts your spirits.

If you don’t have a person like that in your life, allow us to introduce you to the animal kingdom’s equivalent. With its adorable smiley face, the quokka has earned the reputation of being the world’s happiest animal.

The quokka is a small Australian marsupial. Its entire geographic range is limited to about 17,800 km2 (6,900 mi2) around the island of Rottnest, near Perth. When first described by Dutch mariner Samuel Volckertzoon in 1658, he thought he had seen a wild cat. Thirty-eight years later, fellow Dutchman Willem de Vlamingh thought they were giant rats. This inspired him to give the name Rottnest “rat’s nest” to the island.

In reality, the quokka bears a much closer resemblance to a small kangaroo. It is able to climb small trees and shrubs, using the foliage for food, shelter, and protection from predators. They are able to survive for extended periods without food or water, living off of the fat stored in their tails.

The most endearing feature of the quokka is its face. Its natural expression is that of a big, cheesy smile. With no natural fear of humans, they are easily approachable and seem to be more than happy to pose for selfies with delighted tourists.

Entire internet communities are dedicated to collecting quokka selfies, such as this Pinterest Quokka Selfies group.

You may wish to bookmark some of the quokka photograph websites. They are guaranteed to brighten even the gloomiest day.

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