Passport for the Dead

In 1974, archeologists noted the deteriorization of the mummified remains of Rameses II, and he was flown to Paris for examination. He was issued an Egyptian passport, listing his occupation as “King (Deceased)” and was received with full military honors.

The Ancient Egyptian Job That Earned Hatred If Done Right

Anyone who has ever watched a movie that features a mummy knows that running away from the mummy is what people invariably do. That’s how it is in science fiction, anyway. It was also true in real life, and the ritual took place in the earliest stages of converting a corpse into a mummy.

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The Freakish Fate of the Heart of Louis XIV

There is something about the heart of a king that wants to beat on after its owner’s death and earn its own place in history. This was true of Scotland’s Robert the Bruce, whose heart went on a 700-year journey after the king’s death. It was also true for France’s Louis XIV, whose heart may…

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The Six Million Dollar Mummy

The cast and crew of the television show The Six Million Dollar Man were used to seeing unusual props. Any program that involves a man whose bionic legs, arm, and eye give him superhuman speed, strength, and vision will understandably make use of all sorts of special effects to make the show as sensational as…

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