The Devil is in the Details

Eisenhower plans

General Dwight D. Eisenhower was unquestionably experienced when it came to military matters, but in 1952 he was a novice concerning politics. In the midst of his first campaign for the presidency, one of the advance men handed him a 35-page detailed plan concerning the campaign stops for the next couple of days.

Eisenhower looked at the massive stack of papers with blazing eyes and said, “Hell’s fire, son, it didn’t take that many pages to plan the Normandy invasion.”


The Secret Disaster That Saved D-Day

Everyone knew the outcome of the war would be settled in Europe. For that to happen, it would require an invasion of unprecedented force. Over 7,000 ships and landing craft would have to transport nearly 200,000 men across the English Channel to storm the beaches of France. Although only a handful of people knew the…

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The Great Panjamdrum — the Hilarious and Horrible Failed Weapon of WWII

Necessity is the mother of invention. Few things create greater necessity than war. Consequently, some of the greatest innovations in technology have arisen out of military conflict. World War II generated great leaps forward in aviation, communication, and rocketry. It also produced one of the most comically horrible weapons of all time: the Great Panjamdrum.

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A Lesson From Ike About the Privileges of Rank

The military is structured around the rank system. From the first day of boot camp, soldiers are taught that authority, responsibility, and privilege all hinge upon rank. Few soldiers experienced such a meteoric rise in rank as Dwight D. Eisenhower. It happened so quickly and spectacularly that it awed stranger and family, alike.

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