Breaking Out of Jail is Completely Legal in These Countries

Jail break

Just about every society has imprisonment as a potential punishment for lawbreakers. In at least six countries, you might get sent to jail for breaking the law, but you won’t get in trouble for breaking out of jail.

Germany, Mexico, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, and the Netherlands subscribe to the philosophy that freedom is a basic human instinct. As far as they are concerned, any prisoner who seeks to escape confinement is doing nothing more than acting on totally-understandable human nature. It is not, therefore, illegal in those countries to attempt to escape or successfully escape imprisonment.

Before you depart for one of these countries to begin to live out your fantasy of being a criminal mastermind, you should be aware of a few caveats.

First of all, escaping imprisonment does not negate the original punishment. If you are caught, you will be sent back to serve out the remainder of your sentence.

Secondly, if you commit a crime in the process of escaping, such as assaulting someone or damaging property, you can be convicted and punished for those crimes.

Thirdly, be especially cautious about attempting to escape from Mexican incarceration. While it may not be illegal to break out of jail, police officers are permitted to shoot anyone who is attempting to do so. You might die in a barrage of bullets, but at least your conscious will be clear, knowing you didn’t commit any additional crimes in the process.

Mexico also penalizes anyone who assists a prisoner in escaping. The basic human instinct of freedom must be exercised by an individual without any help from others.

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