Steve Allen Defines What is Funny

“In general, the straight line of a joke sets up a premise, an expectation. Then the funny ending – the punch line – in a sense contradicts the original assumption by refusing to follow what had seemed a reasonable train of thought. Many jokes involve that simple matter of leaping outside what had appeared to be the rules of the game at the moment.”

— Steve Allen

Memorable Last Words of Famous People

Except for the person who has never spoken, everyone will utter his or her last words. Those words may be an expression of surprise, such as Julius Caesar’s famous, “Et tu, Brute?” (Actually, he said something else, but that’s covered in this article.) Parting thoughts might be ironic, such as General John Sedgwick’s half-spoken final…

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Why Is This Painting of Bob Hope So Popular?

It isn’t difficult to find an image of Bob Hope. With a career in the entertainment industry that spanned nearly eighty years and with 54 feature films to his credit, it is safe to assume that his face can be found just about any place where laughter is appreciated. For that reason, it might seem…

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