Consider the Consequences of Marriage

One has to marvel at how much Miss Fannie loved Mr. Licker to have agreed to take his name:

tombstone at Ahavath Achim Memorial Park in Colchester, Connecticut


Mr. Accordion’s Revenge From the Grave

Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois is not your typical graveyard. It receives visitors from all parts of the world who come to pay their respects at the final resting place of President Abraham Lincoln. Roy Bertelli wanted to be one of the 77,000 people who, in death, can claim Lincoln as a neighbor. His…

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Shakespeare’s Final Blessing and Curse

No writer is more celebrated than William Shakespeare. His plays and poems transformed literature, culture, and even the English language itself. Such a man should leave this life by writing his own epitaph. When he died in 1616, the renowned author was buried at Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-on-Avon. The tomb promises a blessing or…

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The Unexpected Hero Found in an Unmarked Grave

He was known to be a hooligan. Technically, he was a “Hooligan” with a capital H. Known by the locals as Happy Hooligan, Fred was one of the more colorful characters of Washington, Missouri. He lived in a vacant building just outside town. You could easily identify him by his long, scraggly hair and beard.…

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