Laws and Lawyers

If He Doesn’t Get the World Record For Most Lawsuits, He’ll Probably Sue


In 2014 the total number of lawsuits filed in the US District Court of Arizona was 3,772. One person was responsible for 79.4% of them.

Dale Maisano is serving a 15-year prison sentence for aggravated assault. He has been flooding the US District court with lawsuits to the astonishing tune of 2,995 separate cases in 2014. He filed 249 cases in one day.

Most of the cases are against Corizon Health, Inc., a healthcare provider at the prison, whom Maisano blames for his bouts of valley fever, leaky bladder, sun sensitivity, neck pain, neuropathy in both feet, and gallstones.

He has prevailed in none of the cases, and federal judge Raner C. Collins (whom Maisano called “a crackhead” in at least one of his lawsuits) has issued an injunction, prohibiting Maisano from filing no more than one new case per month.

Despite the injuction, the court clerk found it necessary to hire an additional staff member at a cost of $70,000 per year to handle all of Maisano’s filings.


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