Seeing Friends for the Holidays

Patrick Rempe — immediately before getting his wish to see his buddies

Christmas brings an understandable desire to see old friends. For that reason, you might sympathize with Patrick Rempe, who just wanted to see his buddies before the holidays. Of course, his buddies were in custody in the county jail, but why let that little obstacle get in the way of holiday cheer and comradeship?

For that matter, why wait until normal visiting hours?

Rempe — who was apparently under the influence of the illicit drug flakka –rammed his car into the front door of the Indian River County Jail (Florida) and tried to climb a fence to get into the establishment. He was arrested when he got tangled in the fence’s cable wire and had to be assisted by deputies.

Rempe received medical attention and was then charged with aggravated assault and battery on a law enforcement officer, causing property damage, three counts of felony mischief and driving under the influence. His excuse was that he just wanted to see his buddies.

Presumably, he will have a lot of time to enjoy the company of his friends.

Read the news story and see the video here.

Thanks to Happy Blog Network for carrying the story.

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