Hounding a Way Around a No-Dog Rule

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Cambridge University’s Selwyn College has a strict no-dogs rule for its residents. That didn’t stop the master of the college from bringing his Bassett Hound with him; it just required a rather liberal interpretation of the rules.

When Roger Mosey was named master of Selwyn College, he had a problem. A condition of employment required him to reside on campus. He wanted to bring his beloved dog YoYo with him. Unfortunately, the college has a strict no-dogs-allowed policy.

Mosey did some research and discovered a curious precedent that would work to his favor.  “Many former masters have kept cats,” said Mosey, “but the greatest master, Professor Owen Chadwick, did keep dogs during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.”

Mosey took this information to the governing council. After careful deliberation, the council made its decision: “Noting precedent under the mastership of Professor Chadwick, Council approved the Master’s request to adopt a Very Large Cat in the Master’s Lodge.”

Following the council’s decision Mosey and YoYo would frequently be greeted with calls of, “Hey, I love your big cat”.

YoYo, a rescue dog, has now featured in publicity material for a veterinary course and other college material.

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