Top 5 Stolen Art of All Time That You Should Know About

There are criminals. There are artists. There are also some thieves who make their vocation into a form of art — or at least, make art the focus of it.
Thanks to Morrongo TV for this informative and entertaining look at the Top 5 Art Thefts of All Time.


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Some people just have a knack for taking things that don’t belong to them. In this case, it comes in the form of some of the world’s most expensive art.

Art thieves have a reputation of doing whatever it takes to illegally possess the world’s finest art in order to earn an undeserved profit for themselves.

There is a saying that hard work pays off, I don’t think this is exactly what they meant when they said it, but nevertheless, it definitely did take a lot of hard work in order to pull off some off the most notorious art heists.

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For today, we will be talking about the TOP 5 ART THEFTS OF ALL TIME.


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