It is Illegal in Georgia to Sell a Child Under the Age of 12 to a Circus

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For anyone who is hoping to make money through the sale of children to circuses, be careful when conducting business in Georgia. The state has imposed a minimum age for such a sale.

State law makes it a crime to “sell, apprentice, give away, let out, or otherwise dispose” of anyone under the age of 12 for the purpose of walking on a rope or wire, or to be a gymnast, contortionist, circus ride, acrobat, or clown.

In full, Georgia Code §39-2-17 states:

(a) Any person who shall sell, apprentice, give away, let out, or otherwise dispose of any minor under 12 years of age to any person for the vocation, occupation, or service of rope or wire walking, begging, or as a gymnast, contortionist, circus rider, acrobat, or clown, or for any indecent, obscene, or immoral exhibition, practice, or purpose shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

(b) Whenever a minor shall be disposed of in violation of subsection (a) of this Code section, the person who receives and uses any minor for any of the purposes condemned in said subsection shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

After their twelfth birthday, it apparently isn’t a prolem.

If this creates an obstacle in your business plans, it should be noted that a violation of the law is just a misdemeanor.

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