Happy Thanksgiving

Skye, the official Commonplace Fun Facts canine contributor, consultant, and — well, let’s face it — she basically calls all the shots around here — can’t wait to dive into the holiday feast that surely was prepared exclusively for her.

Before digging in, she wants to wish a happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers. She also wants to say, on behalf of everyone at Commonplace Fun Facts, that we are truly thankful for every one of you.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.”

Psalm 107:1

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  1. And a Happy Thanksgiving to Skye (and her people), too! One of the things I’m grateful for is having found your fascinating blog. Even though I don’t always have time to comment, I’ve been enjoying your posts when I can! Thank you for sharing these interesting and surprising (and yes, sometimes shocking) things with us!

    Here’s wishing you many blessings today and every day! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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