He Was a Scrooge When It Came to Henry VIII

King Henry VIII of England

“The plain truth is, that [Henry VIII] was a most intolerable ruffian, a disgrace to human nature, and a blot of blood and grease upon the History of England.”

Charles Dickens

Lincoln Shows How to Respect Opponents

For those of us who live in one of the most divisive periods in history, we would do well to follow the example of Abraham Lincoln. He is rightly remembered as the man who saved the Union. He was guided by a core belief that you can oppose a person’s political position without denigrating the…

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How a Fart Started a Revolution

Possibly you have found yourself hastily vacating a room because of someone’s gaseous emissions. Maybe your plans to shop in a certain aisle of a store changed after catching a whiff of the unpleasant aroma another shopper left behind. Some have told dramatic stories of forsaking hopes of romance at the sound of a rude…

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What Was the Deadliest Fart in History?

Yes, we’re sure you have horror stories about an obnoxious and flatulent brother who habitually lets one rip as soon as the family is packed into the car. You might have experienced something akin to Dante’s journey through Hell because of the lactose-intolerant kid who sat next to you in the class immediately after lunch.…

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  1. Very true. Apart from Anne Boleyn the ugly, nagging b*tch, none of the poor people he killed deserved to die. He killed his wives, his cousins, his aunt Margaret Pole, his close friends Norris, Carew, Thomas More, Cromwell, and he was even considering killing his daughter, Queen Mary. And he had Queen Katherine of Aragon confined to bad castles and didn’t let her see Mary. Not a single person was safe from his wrath.
    Not to mention his mass murder of the participants of the Pilgrimage of Grace. Idiotic, worthless bastard.
    He was, indeed, a ruffian. H deserved to be hanged, drawn and quartered


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