Put Down That Dynamite — This Squirrel is Protected


No matter how much those squirrels may be bothering you, you’re going to have to resort to means other than heavy explosives if you want to get rid of them. That’s the case, at least, if you live in Connecticut.

Sec. 26-88 of the Connecticut Code states, “No person shall take or attempt to take any gray squirrel, rabbit or other fur-bearing animal protected by law by the use of gunpowder, dynamite or other explosive compound, or by fire, smoke, brimstone, sulphur, gas or chemical, or by digging from any hole or den, provided nothing herein shall be construed to prevent the shooting of any gray squirrel or rabbit or fur-bearing animal.”

Squirrels Fail to Go All Nutty Over Bridge

When residents in the Netherlands became alarmed about the number of squirrels that were struck by cars while crossing  the N44 motorway by the Benoordenhoutseweg, they hit upon the ideal solution: build a bridge for their furry friends. The result was a €150,000 structure that linked Haagse Bos forest and Oosterbeen with Clingedel Park. Critics…

What Could Go Wrong When Using Dynamite to Move a Whale?

November 12, 1970, was a whale of a day at Florence, Oregon. The sun was bright, and the skies were clear. Only the presence of a decomposing whale carcass marred the beautiful morning. Three days earlier, a 45-foot, 16,000-pound whale washed ashore. It had been so long since anything like that had happened that no…

The Cookbook That Was Recalled Because of an Explosive Recipe

When you hear about a product being recalled by the manufacturer, it typically is a device with a defective part, a toy that is a choking hazard, or food that has become contaminated. How often have you heard of a book being recalled? What if we told you it happened because of the risks of…

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