Faux Pas

Truly, a Fate Worse Than Death

Charlotte Taylor, the "Poo Girl"
Charlotte Taylor, the “Poo Girl”

Sometimes it just isn’t worth it to become a celebrity. Take, for example, the case of Charlotte Taylor. In 2009 the 18-year-old attended the Leeds Festival and stopped to make use of the port-a-potty. When her bag slipped and fell into the toilet, Charlotte lunged for it and missed, resulting in her bag falling into the mire below.

That wasn’t the worst of it.

In the process of reaching for the bag, Charlotte got her head stuck in the toilet, with her shoulders wedged in the bowl, preventing her from getting free on her own. For twenty minutes she found herself face-to-face with the murky contents of the port-a-potty’s tank before firefighters came to her rescue.

Word of her predicament quickly spread throughout the Festival and, thanks to social media, throughout the world, earning Charlotte the dubious title of “The Poo Girl.”

Read her horrifying first-hand account of the event here.

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