Accomplishments and Records

LEGO Never Tires of Making Tires

LEGO biggest producer of tires

When it comes to the business of making tires, the LEGO toy company doesn’t play around. In 2012 LEGO was awarded the Guinness World Record for “Largest Tire Manufacturer Per Year” in recognition of the 318 million tires produced annually. That amounts to a staggering 870,000 per day.

The competition doesn’t even come close. Consider the 2011 production totals for the top tire companies:

  • Bridgestone: 190 million
  • Michelin: 184 million
  • Goodyear: 181 million

Worldwide tire production — excluding LEGO — totaled 1.6 billion tires.

In addition to its impressive production quota, LEGO boasts the following wheel accomplishments:

  • The LEGO Group produces 381 million wheels a year.
  • Before the LEGO wheel was introduced, some LEGO sets included pre-moulded miniature cars, or children simulated wheels by using their LEGO brick collection.
  • The first LEGO wheel was included in set No.400, which launched in 1962.  It was the best selling set in 1967 selling 820,400 boxes.
  • The smallest LEGO wheel stands 14.4 mm high and belongs to a small two-seater car.
  • The largest LEGO wheel stands at 10.7 cm high and features on the Power Puller, launched in 2000.

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