Accomplishments and Records

An Island of Gallantry

Malta award of George Cross

The George Cross is the second highest award of the United Kingdom’s honors system. It is awarded for gallantry “not in the face of the enemy” to members of the British armed forces and to civilians.

In 1942 King George VI recognized the heroism exhibited by the people of Malta by awarding the people of the entire island with the George Cross. He awarded this distinction in a hand-written letter on April 15, 1942.

If you wish to address a letter to someone in Malta, the address should end with “Malta, G.C.”

George VI George Cross Malta
Letter from King George VI, awarding the George Cross to the entire population of Malta.

Understanding the Different Types of Queens

When it comes to queens, there are all sorts. There are bees, playing cards, rock-and-roll bands, and men who wear women’s clothing. And, of course, there is “The Queen,” the one person who can legitimately respond to any lame joke by saying, “We are not amused.” Even in talking about the job title of queen,…

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A Royal Intervention Stops a Churchill Invasion

Winston Churchill was nothing if not determined. His tenacity and vision guided Great Britain and gave courage to all of the Allied nations at a time when those qualities were desperately needed. Sometimes his focused ambition went beyond the laudable qualities of leadership and developed into bull-headed obstinance. When this happened, no one could talk…

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The Way to a Fourth Term is Through the Stomach

Mrs. Henrietta Nesbitt was the chief housekeeper of the White House during the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. She believed the White House should lead the way in setting an example for the rest of the country about how to get by with less during the Great Depression and to strictly follow rationing requirements…

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