Accomplishments and Records

The Most Fraudulent Election in History

In an era of allegations of improperly-influenced elections, fraud, and political corruption, it may be comforting to realize that things could be worse.

The 1927 presidential election of Liberia featured incumbent Charles D.B. King versus his challenger, Thomas J.R. Faulkner. King was the 17th president of Liberia, entering into office in 1920.

When the final votes were counted, the official tally proclaimed King as the winner, with 234,000 votes. This was particularly impressive, considering that Liberia had only 15,000 registered voters at the time.

King not only won the election, but he also earned the Guinness Book of World Records distinction for winning the most fraudulent election reported in history.

King resigned the presidency three years later, after the League of Nations published a report detailing King’s involvement a scandal involving slavery and other forms of forced labor.

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