Mark Your Calendar for “What If Dogs and Cats Had Opposable Thumbs Day”

What if Dogs and Cats Had Opposable Thumbs Day March 3

Have you ever wondered what would happen if dogs and cats had opposable thumbs? If so, there is a special day for you to take your imagination to even higher levels. If the thought has never crossed your mind, it can be a day for you to consider the staggering possibilities for the first time. Either way, be sure you mark your calendar now so you can properly observe “What If Dogs and Cats Had Opposable Thumbs Day.”

The special day is observed on March 3 of each year. The concept came from Tom and Ruth Roy, who spend a lot of their time creating holidays. Their website,, is a treasure trove of information about holidays you probably didn’t know existed. Who knew you were supposed to buy a greeting card on December 15 to celebrate Cat Herders Day or prepare to honor someone special on October 30 as you observe Haunted Refrigerator Night?

On March 3, the day is set aside to think about how different our lives would be if dogs and cats had been blessed with opposable thumbs. These precious animals have managed to get a grip on our hearts, but their lack of opposable thumbs makes it impossible for them to grip anything else.

Spend those precious 24 hours each year considering whether dogs would love us just as much if they didn’t have to depend on us to open their cans of food. Would cats be content to tolerate humans in their world if they had the ability to grab a stick and beat us into submission?

Whether you go out and make a big occasion of the day or choose to celebrate it quietly at home with your four-footed friends, March 3 will cause you to appreciate your thumbs and your pets even more.

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