Make Plans to Watch the Movie That Won’t Be Released Until 2115

As a result of COVID-19, moviegoers have had to deal with the delay of a number of long-awaited films. If you are one of those who struggle to have the patience to endure a few months of delay, just remember that it could be worse. There is one movie that is completed but won’t grace theaters for nearly 100 more years.

100 Years was written by and stars John Malkovich and directed by Robert Rodriguez. Although the filming and editing are complete and invitations to the premiere have gone out, it will be a while before we get to see it. The release date is November 18, 2115.

Malkovich was inspired to create the film by the fact that it takes one hundred years to make a bottle of Louis XIII cognac. Although the film’s plot is a closely-guarded secret, the three teaser trailers all reference the bottle of cognac. As for the genre of the film, that is a little difficult to guess, as well. The three trailers all suggest possibilities of nature, retro, and future. (See the teasers, below).

The film was made in partnership with Louis XIII Cognac and is owned by Rémy Martin. It was advertised with the tagline “The Movie You Will Never See.” It is locked in a high-tech safe behind bulletproof glass, time-released to open on November 18, 2115. It stars John Malkovich, Taiwanese actress Shuya Chang, and Chilean actor Marko Zaror.

Although the number of people currently alive who will be around for the premiere is likely quite small, the producers are already making plans for the event. One thousand invitations have been distributed. The movie passes are made out of metal and are intended to be handed down to the descendants of the original recipients.

The invitation does not specify the time the screening will start, but it states it will occur at the Louis XIII Maison, Domaine du Grollet, Cognac, France. The safe, which has been displayed at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and various other cities, is now housed at the Louis XIII cellars, awaiting the day it will be unlocked.

100 Years film metal ticket and invitation
Invitation and ticket to the November 18, 2115 screening of 100 Years. (Click image to expand)

For those who wish to wait a couple more years, the song “100 Years — the Song We’ll Only Hear If We Care,” composed by Pharrell Williams in collaboration with Louis XIII, will be released in November 2117. It is a collaborative effort intended to draw attention to environmental issues and the unpredictability of the future. The song was recorded on a disc made out of clay from the chalky soil of Cognac, France. It was played once for an audience of 100 in Shanghai, China. It was then locked in a specially designed Fichet-Bauche safe that protects it against everything except water from potential rising tides, which would dissolve the clay disc.

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