How Many of These Crazy English Words Do You Know?

We love words. We especially love strange words. Fortunately, the English language has a limitless supply of them to tantalize even the most discriminating lexophile.

How many of the following strange words do you know?

#Backpfeifengesicht #German #languages #WordsWeNeed

We Don’t Have the Word, But We All Know Someone To Whom it Applies

Backpfeifengesicht is a German word referring to a face badly in need of a fist.

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Have You Ever Felt a Tartle?

Have you ever started to introduce someone, only to have a moment of panic as your brain freezes and you can’t remember that person’s name? Thanks to the people of Scotland, you still might not remember that person’s name, but you at least have a name for the sensation that you feel. Scots have defined…

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Ultracrepidarian: A Person Who Speaks Beyond Expertise

Originally posted on installect:
Ultracrepidarian The only thing worse than receiving criticism on a piece of your work is when that person doing the criticizing has no idea what they are talking about. I personally find this sort of situation occurs whenever I ask my parents’ advice on my papers and essays I write in university.…

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