Can You Get Over the Hump and Drink Camel Milk?

camel milk
A bowl of camel milk

If you have difficulty drinking all the milk in your refrigerator before it spoils, you might consider switching to camel milk. It has a feature you will appreciate: it does not curdle.

Unlike all the milk of all other animals, camel milk will not become curd. Because of its peculiar properties, camel milk, if kept properly refrigerated, can last more than 18 months before spoiling.

Despite its anti-spoiling and healthy qualities, camel milk has yet to take the world’s milk markets by storm. In 2017, world production of whole, fresh camel milk was 2.85 million metric tons, with Somalia and Kenya producing 64% of the global total. By way of comparison, in the same year more than 509 million metric tons of cow milk hit the global market.

Yogurt and ice cream are easy to make out of camel milk. You’re going to have a much harder time finding camel cheese. This is due to the resistance of the milk to curdling. To get cheese, fermentation additives must be added.

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