Counselor, Don’t Just Keep Saying, “Who?” When I Ask How Your Client Pleads

“Attorney” Solomon, sitting in court during a hearing

If Charles Abbott’s attorney gives the impression of being as wise as an owl, that might be because he is one. Granted, he’s a stuffed owl, but that can be excused, because he isn’t really a lawyer, either. None of these facts prevented Abbott from bringing him along to represent him before the Pitkin County, Colorado court in May, 2015. 

Referring to his attorney as Solomon, Abbott explained that he is a sensitive fellow who holds three law degrees from three different law schools and would do a better job representing him than would a court-appointed public defender. 

Hopefully Solomon would have understood that he needed only one law degree to be able to practice law, but that did not come up in the hearing. 

Abbott, who was facing charges for violating an order of protection, did not seem to seek much counsel from his wise barrister. Instead, Abbott appeared to act as his own attorney.

He was charged with entering his former roommate’s home, despite a restraining order that prevented his being there. Abbott claimed he was there to get his property, and pointed out that his former roommate showed up in court wearing one of Abbott’s own shirts. He described the shirt as “the blue one,” suggesting that perhaps he only owns two shirts. Again, the record is not clear on this point, and Solomon must bear at least part of the responsibility, since he just sat there throughout the proceedings, without uttering a word.

In Solomon’s defense, he would probably have done better if court had been held during the evening hours. I understand he isn’t much for those bright, sunny Aspen, Colorado days.


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