E=MC2: Relativity or No-Sock Shock?

Einstein disliked wearing socks
Albert Einstein in fashionable footwear — but without socks.

Albert Einstein disliked wearing socks and gloried when he could go without them. “When I was young, I found out that the big toe always ends up making a hole in the sock,” he once said. “So I stopped wearing socks.”

He saw the footwear as being pointless and inefficient. Once, when writing to his second wife, he boasted about a visit to the University of Oxford: “Even on the most solemn occasions I got away without wearing socks and hid that lack of civilisation in high boots.”


How a Fart Started a Revolution

Possibly you have found yourself hastily vacating a room because of someone’s gaseous emissions. Maybe your plans to shop in a certain aisle of a store changed after catching a whiff of the unpleasant aroma another shopper left behind. Some have told dramatic stories of forsaking hopes of romance at the sound of a rude…

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The Horrible Five-Week Visit That Destroyed a Friendship

It shouldn’t have been surprising that Chuck and John struck up a friendship. After all, the two men had a lot in common. They shared many of the same interests, a common profession, and were both highly regarded in their field. They first met at a social gathering where John appealed to Chuck’s vanity by…

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Warhol’s 8-Hour Movie of the Empire State Building

Hello, faithful reader. How was your weekend? Did you see any good movies? Let us tell you about the movie we watched. We’ll try not to give away any spoilers. Admittedly, the dialogue was not the most compelling, and the plot was a little slow in developing. On the other hand, compared to The Curse…

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