How Are You Going to Go?

ways to die shark falling bed plane crash train coconut

When it comes to death, the only real certainty is that we all will face it eventually. As to the manner in which you are likely to leave this world, well, statisticians have chimed in on the likelihood of meeting the following types of death:

  • Shark Attack — One chance in 300,000,000 — About 5 people per year are killed by these ocean predators
  • Fairground Accident — One chance in 300,000,000 — Whether it is on the Ferris Wheel or the Merry-Go-Round, about 5 people leave this world each year due to mishaps in amusement parks.
  • Death by Falling Coconut — One chance in 250,000,000 — Strange as it may sound, for about 150 people each year, the last sound they hear is, “Hey, watch out for that falling coconut!”
  • Plane Crash — One chance in 11,000,000 — Fewer than 1,500 fatalities per year, out of more than 3 billion passengers per year.
  • Killed by a Lightning Strike — One chance in 10,000,000 — About 240,000 people are injured by lightning each year, with about 24,000 of them dying as a result.
  • Dying in a Terrorist Attack — One chance in 9,300,000
  • Scalded to Death by Hot Water — One chance in 5,000,000
  • Being a Left-Handed Person Killed by Using a Right-Handed Product — One chance in 4,400,000 
  • Death by Snake Bite — One chance in 3,500,000
  • Food Poisoning — One chance in 3,000,000
  • Falling off a Ladder — One chance in 2,300,000
  • Falling out of Bed — One chance in 2,000,000
  • Killed by Falling Asteroid — One chance in 700,000
  • Drowning in the Bathtub — One chance in 685,000
  • Killed in a Train Crash — One chance in 500,000
  • Killed in a Work-Related Accident — One chance in 43,500
  • Killed in a Motor Vehicle Accident — One chance in 8,000
  • Dying of Cancer — One chance in 5
  • Dying from Heart Attack or Stroke — One chance in 2.5


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