Heavy Horse Power

William Howard Taft on Horseback

Prior to becoming President, William Howard Taft served as Governor General of the Philippines. After going on a goodwill mission to one of the Philippine islands and spending the day traveling by horseback through the mountains, he sent a telegram to Secretary of War Elihu Root, briefing him on the day’s activities: “Stood trip well. Rode horseback twenty-five miles to five thousand feet elevation.”

Root, obviously mindful of Taft’s 320 pounds, immediately responded: “Referring to your telegram … how is the horse?”


The President With a Lead Foot

Imagine the police officer’s surprise. Washington, D.C. Officer William West was on routine patrol on M Street when he saw a vehicle approaching at a dangerously fast speed. He conducted what he thought would be a routine traffic stop. Much to his astonishment, the driver of the vehicle was the most powerful and famous man…

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Abraham Lincoln: Animal Lover-in-Chief

Entire libraries could be filled with books about President Abraham Lincoln. Historians have rightfully praised his vision, intellect, humor, courage, and determination. Any study into the life of this extraordinary man would be incomplete without acknowledging that he was one of the biggest animal lovers to ever reside at the White House.

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