Accomplishments and Records

Weird Wagers — Which Would You Do?

Weird wagers and bets

English gambling records reveal some unusal wagers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries:

  • A Captain Bennett bet he could roll a hoop 22 miles in 3½ hours.
  • A Mr. Lloyd bet he could walk 30 miles backwards in 9 hours.
  • Charles Bulpett bet he could ride a mile, run a mile, and walk a mile within 16½ minutes.
  • One individual wagered he could walk 12 miles on stilts in 4½ hours without stopping or stepping off the stilts.
  • Another man bet he could stand on one foot for 12 hours.

The records show that each of these gamblers won their bets, although the man who stood on one foot had to be carried home.

source: Bryan, J. Hodgepodge: a commonplace book. New York, NY: Ballantine , 1986. 294. Print.

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