Horsing Around With Royalty

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President Ronald Reagan shared Queen Elizabeth II’s love of horses. During a state visit to the United Kingdom, the President accepted the Queen’s invitation to go horseback riding together.

As the two leaders rode along, the Queen’s horse suddenly began expelling gas loudly, in sync with each step. The Queen was mortified and said, “Oh, I am so sorry, Mr. President!” 

“No problem, Your Majesty,” deadpanned Reagan. “I thought it was the horse.”

The Christmas When Charlie Got Stuck in the Snow

It’s funny how things that seem so ordinary to us can be extraordinary for others. For most of us, having a car ride end with being stuck in the snow would register as an inconvenience. For Charlie, it is one of his fondest Christmas memories.

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A Royal Round of Queenly Quizzes

For the past week and a half, the world’s attention has been on the events leading up to the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. In her honor, we present this queenly quiz. Each of these questions about queens was inspired by a Commonplace Fun Facts article. Links to the articles for each correct answer…

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The Secret Royal Lineage of a Weird, Awkward Boy

At the time of this writing, the world’s attention is on the events surrounding the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the ascendency of King Charles III to the throne. One can’t help but wonder what it would be like to be born into royalty and what that life would be like. It doesn’t take…

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