A Piece of the Bible in the Middle Of Kansas City

Kansas City is known as the home of barbecue, jazz, sports teams, and midwestern values. Did you know it is also the home of the greatest prophet from the Bible? Well, the home of one of his fingers, anyway….

Visitors the Kansas City’s Nelson-Atkins Museum Of Art can see a glass vial, housed in an elaborate gold and silver container. A closer look reveals that the vial contains a human finger bone. This bone is believed to come from the left hand of John the Baptist, the man who baptized Jesus 2,000 years ago.

The finger is part of a collection purchased by the Nelson Trust from what was known as the Guelph Treasure, formerly housed at the Brunswick Cathedral in Germany.

The rest of John the Baptist is scattered around the world. His right hand, the one with which he baptized Jesus, is said to be in the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Cetinje monastery in Montenegro. The Amiens Cathedral in France claims possession of his head. A tooth, knuckle bone, and arm are located in Bulgaria.

While his soul rests in peace, his mortal remains rest in pieces.

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