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The Size of This Cashew Tree is Just Nutty

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There is more to the world’s largest cashew tree than what you see on first glance. That’s because it takes way more than one glance to see it. This one, single tree, occupies a space of about two acres — about the size of two American footfall fields.

Known as the Cashew Tree of Pirangi, it is located in Pirangi do Norte, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, and from the air, it appears to be a small forest, instead of one plant.

The tree grows in such a way that the branches go sideways, instead of upwards. As a branch gets large enough, its weight causes it to touch the ground, where it takes root and spreads as if it were a new tree. The result is that one can walk into the canopy under the tree and look around at what appears to be multiple trees. Closer examination shows that all of them are joined together as one organism.

The tree produces more than 60,000 fruits each year.

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