Absent Mindedness

20 Years of Parking Forgetfulness

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Who hasn’t gotten sidetracked while shopping and forgot exactly where the car was parked? Some of us try to avoid that problem by parking in the same place each time. Others use a smart phone app to mark the car’s location. If you do end up forgetting, it can be irritating, embarrassing, and could result in the loss of several minutes’ valuable time as you hunt for your transportation.

But it could be worse…. What if your absent-mindedness cost you 20 years without your car?

That’s what happened to a man from Frankfurt, Germany. In 1997 he parked his Volkswagen Passat, and when he couldn’t locate it later in the day, he reported it as stolen. The case remained unsolved until November 2017, when the car was located in a building set to be demolished — exactly where he had left it 20 years earlier.

The man — now 76 — was reunited with his car, only to discover it was no longer functional and had to be scrapped.

The United Kingdom newspaper that reported the incident also referenced a Scottish man who, earlier in the year, reported his car as stolen, only to find it 6 months later in the spot he had parked it — along with £5,000 in parking tickets.

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