Does the Thought of Cricket Bread Bug You?

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Looking for a little extra something to liven up your breakfast toast? You might try Fazar bakery’s Better Bread. What makes it better? According to the company, it is the fact that it is made of crickets.

Fazer Bakeries advertisement for its Cricket Bread.

The product, which boasts significantly more protein than your run-of-the-mill insect-free product, contains up to seventy crickets per loaf, finely ground into a powder. At this point, there is not enough cricket flour available to make the product available for mass distribution, but if you are interested in trying some for yourself, you can visit one of the eleven Fazer locations in and around Helsinki.

Until then, you might want to sample some of the other delicacies that have been discussed on Commonplacesuch as Christmas caterpillars, insect-infested cheese, baby mice wine, or the ever-popular maggot cheese.

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