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Even Lightning Can’t Stop His Lightning-Fast Pitches

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Most pitchers want to be known for throwing lightning-fast pitches. Ray Caldwell is remembered for something else related to lightning.

It was during a game against the Philadelphia Athletics on August 24, 1919. Caldwell was pitching for his team, the Cleveland Indians. The competition between the teams was stormy, but nothing like the storm that was brewing up above.

Caldwell was just one out away from finishing the game when he was struck by lightning. The blast sent him flying and knocked him unconscious.

Fortunately, Caldwell’s condition was only temporary, and to the relief of all spectators, he was quickly revived and was back on his feet.

Not one to leave a task unfinished, Caldwell could not be persuaded to leave the game. He insisted on returning to the pitcher’s mound to finish the game, leading his team to a 2-1 win.

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