The Restaurant With a 10-Year Waiting List

The waiting list for reservations at Damon Baehrel's restaurant is ten years.

Those who choose to dine at Damon Baehrel’s restaurant can expect fine food, unique menu items, and a memorable experience. They can also expect to wait. And wait. And wait….

Baehrel’s restaurant, located in Earlton, New York, over 100 miles north of Manhattan, is located in the basement of his home. His specialty is making exquisite meals entirely out of ingredients found on his 12-acre property.

“I just realized that everything I needed was here on the property,” Baehrel said. “I create every component for every dish, every flour, every oil, every seasoning. I make all my own cheese. All those ingredients have to come from the 12-acre property. I’m not cooking on pans and grills and that kind of thing, I’m using wood planks that I create from the property, I’m cooking on all the stones from the property. I’m cooking in soils and I’m cooking in saps that I concentrate, a dozen different kinds of saps. Everything takes so much time to create the component.”

This degree of attention takes time, so it’s only appropriate that customers have an investment in time, as well. The waiting list to get a table at Damon Baehrel’s is ten years.  “We had about a five-year backlog before a whole bunch of national and international media coverage just took off,” Baehrel said. “It was an overwhelming experience and we were getting tens of thousands of table requests each week for over a six-month period. The requests are a good 10 years out.”

Damon Baehrel’s restaurant is far from a fast-food experience. The 20-plus course meal takes a good five hours from beginning to end. The meal will set you back between $300 and $400 per person. 

Damon Baehrel’s website offers a glimpse at the menu, ambiance, and information about how you might dine there.

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