The Serial Killer Who Was Freed on $50 Bond

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One of the worst serial killers on record is Pedro Alonso López. The Colombian became known as the Monster of the Andes after confessing to raping and killing more than 300 girls, ages 9-12, throughout Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. In 1983 he was convicted of 110 counts of murder and sentenced to prison. Today, his whereabouts are unknown. The Monster of the Andes bought his freedom for $50.

López started his killing spree in 1969. By his own account, during one three-year period, he averaged three victims each week. When a shallow grave of four of his victims was uncovered in 1979, López was arrested, confessed to the murders, and took authorities to a mass grave of 53 of his victims.

López was convicted and received the maximum sentence allowed under Ecuadorian law — 16 years. If a 16-year sentence for mass murder shocks you, you will not be pleased to learn that he was released two years early for good behavior.

Upon his release, he was deported to Colombia, where he was declared insane and committed to a psychiatric hospital in Bogata in 1995. After three years, his doctors declared him cured of his insanity, and he was released on $50 bond. No one has seen him since.

In 2002 Colombian law enforcement officials linked him to a new murder. Authorities continue their search for the man who has, unquestionably, forfeited his $50 bond.

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