Are You Psychic Enough to Find All the Pineapples in “Psych”?

Fans of the hit television show Psych are familiar with “Psychic Detective” Shawn Spencer and his incredible skills of observation and recall. The 120 episodes that aired between 2006 and 2014 showcased Spencer’s abilities to solve even the most head-scratching crime. It may take powers of observation equal to Spencer’s to identify something that showed up nearly as often as his laugh-inducing antics: a pineapple.

During the pilot episode, actor James Roday had an unscripted moment when he grabbed a pineapple and ad-libbed, “Shall I slice this up for the road?” Little did he know that this line would start a tradition that would touch almost all of the subsequent 119 episodes. Since that time, there has been a pineapple reference in almost every show.

This video identifies the fruit’s appearances over the first five episodes.

The phenomenon of the pineapple’s frequent appearance has given rise to websites devoted to tracking every appearance of the fabled fruit. Psych Pineapple and the Pineapple page of Psych Wiki are just two such examples.

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